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Live Presenter Plugin

(Standard Version)



This plugin enables you to ground your virtual tour in the moment and place with the help of a guide walking by your side in real-time. The integration of a video call into the virtual tour provides the live assistance of a specialist to tourists, real estate purchasers, students, and all other visitors, transforming a remote visit into an informative and memorable experience.


  • This plugin has two different modes for creating a conference:
    1. Group Mode: All guest mics are on. Everyone can talk and request control over the tour. Perfect for one-on-one sessions or calls with a small group of people.
    2. Presenter Mode: All guest mics are off and everyone follows you through the tour. This mode is ideal for presentations and classes with a medium group of guests/students.
  • Monitor View: This feature can be used to track where users are currently looking within the 360° scene
  • Synchronized View: This feature can be used to ensure all users are experiencing the same view
  • Point of Focus: This feature can be used to direct the user towards a particular area of the 360° scene
  • Mouse Pointer Sharing: This feature can show the host mouse pointer position to the guests
  • No monthly subscription cost.
  • No software to install.

Participation Limitations

For Audio and Video, Live Presenter Plugin uses WebRTC to set up a Peer to Peer mesh network. This means that every person has a connection to every other person. If there are 6 people connected, your device is transmitting your audio/video signal 5 times.
This means that the number of people able to connect with full audio/video is mainly dependent on the bandwidth available on the devices.
Audio only sessions will require less bandwidth than video, and will theoretically allow more participants.

Network Support

Certain corporate networks and WiFi hotspots may block the Audio/Video connections, or not allow them due to security restrictions. We have workarounds in place, but they are not 100% guaranteed to work depending on your network configuration.

Device Support

This plugin has been tested on the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, and Chrome on recent editions of Windows and macOS. It also works well on mobile Safari on iOS 14, as well as the latest Chrome browser on Android devices.
(your website should use HTTPS protocol)

Buy Standard Version

Buy Version

  • Does not the Standard version’s features meet your needs?
  • Do you need a more stable and secure connection?
  • Do you want to create bigger groups?
Take a look at the version.




Troubleshooting Live Presenter Plugin

  • Please make sure that the URL of your tour is on an HTTPS protocol. It needs to be https:// and It will not work on http://
  • Please make sure the mobile devices are not on power-saving mode.
  • Please make sure the clients use Safari on iOS devices and Chrome for Android devices.
  • Please make sure the clients using the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox on Windows and Mac OS.
  • If you want to use the tour in an iframe, please ensure you have added these attributes in the iframe code: allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; camera; microphone;”
  • Try to use the “Incognito Mode” window.
  • if you are using the plugin in desktop PC, please test it with a mobile device or a laptop, sometime USB webcams have some conflict with browsers.

WebRTC Test Tool

You can use the “WebRTC Test Tool” to test all the steps involved in the WebRTC (the protocol used by this plugin):
this would help to find the possible problems better.

TURN Server

Sometimes, there are some users whose networks kept them from being able to access other clients. Especially corporate networks and users behind strict firewalls found themselves unable to use our Peer-to-Peer technology. While statistically, that was only about 10-15% of all users (guests and hosts combined)
in this situation, you have to use 3rd party TURN servers. (you can install open-source ones on your VPS or buy it from service providers.)
You can read plugin documentation to find out how to add a 3rd party TURN server to the plugin.